Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movies With Cystic Fibrosis

Day Thanks to the blog! Bossa

Thanks to the blog, I've seen people super good and I have strengthened ties with people living thousands of miles from where I am.
Andypands met and their wonderful feet of lemon are a true delicacy and aunt who happened to have in Vitacura and when I went to Concepcion met his entire family. Some people are totally nice and friendly and not to be outdone, the way I met her friends in marriage we went.
To say the Mexican people and the exchange via mail (paper!) With Errante, your postcards of Guadalajara and the miracle that I got the mail to send them days before Christmas.
Not to mention the telephone conversations via msn with Neto and his well-judged tone of voice just like: at Luis Miguel, lol (do not be angry with me dude, because according to me is identical!).
Yesterday I met with Jeny, whom I also met through this blog, and we always were sending " meringues with caramel or custard " instead of affection and hugs when we said goodbye in our postings. I also received correspondence from her.
So as she came to Chile (for so you know, Santiago is Chile), we gather in the bus terminal and head to dinner at my favorite bakery and catch up, the life situations that we have passed. It was a moment so pleased, because we laughed a lot, we share our sorrows and joys.
The Jen to give you an idea a woman is totally enjoyable and as I told you a mail, which I imagined a girl well, it was like that. Live life as if, that is, with a smile willing to give, however. That life should be lived with concho, because we know that can happen tomorrow. And above all, an excellent Mom.

Jen, now that life brings you something good!.

was too pleased to meet you. I hope that the contacts on Live do not end up !!!!!.

Many meringues with caramel for you!.


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