Friday, January 2, 2009

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Review Christmas Greeting

Today the phone rang and I knew it was to me that call. Today
gave me to know my commitment to give a second time this " bienponderado " exam.
I was hoping it would be "lucky " with the commission. And I nominate the start and I, Bakan, is super! and came to civil rights and say: Professor Juan David Terrazas (who is the eminence in the student failing to feel) and I paffffff! in my mind and so far it is thought: In the conchesu ...!!! final destination does not want me to titrate. Once the Estrellita
said in his letters: It's going to cost as much titularte!.
And bitch that has been true. The "events" of my life in these 3 years have pa been getting worse.
thought to have sacrificed my time to restrict my social life to almost nothing, not celebrate the holidays and my birthday pass-band, to study the next day (which was Sunday) would be worthwhile. But it seems to be missing.
no social life will continue. Another year without a vacation. Santiago enjoying their 32 ° C in the shade. Hopefully
March is my month, but will be in April and so on, I have run through October which is when my registration expires. Others that I get a commission as a people.

Happy 2009!.


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