Friday, February 13, 2009

L.o.l.i.t.a. M.o.d.e.l

worldwide tomorrow (islmámico world too?), is celebrated Valentine and this is my first year I HAVE or a picture, for me with my self and my id and superego! plus the fact that I turned to cold and making 32 ° C.

The year before was counting the days because it would be like 10 meters from Coldplay, last year waiting for the Undertaker of the WWE and this year NOTHING!. As no foot nsane in single people say, I?

may sound I will write to trash the day of love and bla bla bla, but incredibly, I will not. Why?. I do not want. Apart
not born to be with someone I therefore write pests to write it like riding a fucking pita (which I love to do, but now I do not want).
Because I have no time, courage, money or desire to share with someone. Then Pa'que po!.

would be selfish to share with someone when I spend all day in a library reviewing, hating the people who call me by the cellular and more on top has come down to speak to the streets because of respect for others and MUNICIPAL ORDER by I can not talk on the phone over the crowd.

Those with couples enjoy, I wanted to do a health love and its failures (like says Ismael Serrano) but I remembered that I can not!, Question me on Sunday! (CAEU bad!). In one of these on Sunday late afternoon I a cheers.
Happy day!.
Pd: As this blog is " internachional ", and I have no fucking idea that the pita will mean walking in their local language, it is clarified that: Fuck the string is the equivalent of: Inflate the balls, swollen eggs, endlessly disturbing. If you still do not understand, I said in the posting and happy clarification.


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