Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Does Mole In Fingers Signify

and thirty degree

On Friday we went to hear Anita Bossa Nova to the square Peru there in the upper quarter of the capital.
Since I have the use of reason I like the Bossa. Moreover when she was a person "young " and looking forward to celebrate my birthday, previous to this was provided was a CD of "the beatles" sung in bossa. But those days are gone, do not celebrate anything, for 3 years.
On Friday while listening to "drink water" I realized something as either "heavy", and every time I closer to thirty.
And how, 'cause I looked around, and there was no one younger than me (Anita, do not feel offended), but young children who were with their parents but they do not count for analysis.
What I really find it almost amazing, because I feel and believe that the 30 or so, are the best time of life.
Now, what I complexes, is knowing that I have 4 years to go and see that I'm half way to get or lose everything. Review and damn damn race. And worst of all is that I chose, not even me was imposed, so I can not blame anyone for what happens to me.
That I have " stable partner", at this age my cousins \u200b\u200bwere already ordering the parties to the marriage with a courtship of 8 or more years.
I'm still dependent on my parents, my inferiority complex situation and that suits me.
will be the crisis of 30?, If so, I do not even want to imagine how it will be that of when I was approaching 40!.


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