Thursday, February 19, 2009

Horse Riding Jockstrap


Ema Velasco Saavedra, is the daughter of the minister, Consuelo Andrew and television reporter and entertainer.

Emma is 2 years and 3 days ago had an accident where he fell to the pool in the summer home of her parents in Zapallar.
When we heard at home, we were taking eleven and squeezed us in a terrible batting.
I do not know if it's because I'm too empathetic or if they were my years volunteering at the Calvo Mackenna Children's Hospital for a few good years.

The accident has been in the news everyday and I am aware of your health, all government officials and television people have constantly visited the couple.

today in a column of mercury, I read Christian Warkner, who lost her son in an accident like the December 24, 2007. Among several things that moved me to tears was:

"That today was a day of truce, cease to seek death for children in all corners of the land, which all parents of the world feel confident that their children will be eternal, which are always playing, jumping, singing, crying, that we might live. Because without those children who run and jump into the abyss of every day can not live. "

moves Today Ema hands and no longer have water in your lungs. Follow with induced coma. We pray to God to be without consequences.


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