Friday, March 6, 2009

Foods For Progesterone

NO! Ema

If there is something I really dislike is the rude people.
And today was one of those days walking beyond the casing loose (not to say that I'm shitting myself), I joined a friend and when I arrived, it was not one, but the friend of a friend with the friend of a friend and so on and between the friend of a friend, I find the former partner of a friend (who pa'ser Franco had not the faintest idea what it was called) and I in my mind, as called Xuxa!.
gentleman and I like people who I greeted them all and then approached me and I give him a hug and a look of hatred I feel as if I would have pateao and would have made the heart strips (I think, because otherwise not imagine going through your head) and then I started talking to the rest and I asked him politely and putting super close attention, and forestay making your life? and he says: "Working and turns.
And the anger there as it begins to appear. And while I see the whole place is packed, there are like 8 people at the same table that I, as to have said, I find a true misfit, because I was your partner and you know for months that do not talk to your ex, broken rude. So I can not reach descuerarte as had the idea to do so, because even I have the phone to call your ex and pa.
But I calmed down and took my drink (because I'm taking antibiotics for acute sinusitis my fucking grave good guy I met on Tuesday) and this cool most up has the nerve to change my drink for hers who was under .
So apart from ninguneo, took my drink!. Very
teacher will be, but manners sick leave to be desired.
telling me bye bye without looking at his face, rude.
Although I agree and give me courage. So I ninguneo someone with "property and excellence", but not this sock!. Fixed I'm going to peel, but no matter, because they still continue in force, without leaving my desk, haha.


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