Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Black ...

Today, while in the gym, not wanting to wanting I checked, there was a tremendous nor black, with a meek or that tremendous breasts and not to mention the horrible nor fret, you have.
Well, the thing is that the look sneak (not as we usually do my amiguis Palette). The point is that I finished my routine and went to to Eo: Eo and black that I see that this starts to dance.
Conclusion is that it is not America, it is mega stiff, it's not even dancing samba (well, me neither, but I'm Chilean, therefore, will forgive me.)
Short story is that she went ahead and I happy, because the contrast of black women do not see every day in Santiago (Chile sorry readers, but the dishes are Chilean exports, at least naturally). And it was almost a privilege to see him there a few steps, until, as always happens, a woman came in as 50-something, to get in between and that was the visual to the end of the class.
In that, under and I meet again with the black this and pick up my bag and looked at the black and is an old copuchenta and tells her friend: - " Look at this as he sees the black tits ! "and I like always ... Olympian making me the hueĆ³n and went to the dressing room.
Conclusion: If you feed a baby from the breast or tit mom to MI-NI-MO is that you set in the chicken po!.
So if even the Paty Maldonado (the facades look of Chile, like herself called and worse is proud) gives reason to males, the minimum is that all women to adapt that one would look at the breasts ... in a covert or not?.
Chilean Vocabulary:
breast, theta = Lolas or breasts.
Facha = Pinochet.


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