Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Do You Change The Size Of Rat For Corn Snake

Eo, eo that follow the web ... Meme

skills As a dancer, has always been reason enough for the entire population as a cause for admiration and even of conquest is that I've decided to re-invent and that is why I decided to be a guy dance a decent and not as a robot that lacks oil that is as I danced the last 25 years of my life ... (Ie always).

is why I decided to take my 1 st Class EO: EO fun dancing in the "branch" of the gym I go forever.

is a room, median with a giant mirror, so I just left was q dance music as the teacher, and as the teacher pulled the seriema hip, I could not, because I never had hip movement. .. 8podrĂ­a have started from the Macarena song and then increase the difficulty). But no ... as I was the only beginner from 20 women (15 past 60) had to give, and as expected I got to the bottom.

Because if it is true, so I have no fear of ridicule, but do not abuse it.
So we start with good salsa and merengue weighted so endless rhythms (all good Latin), but a country that was the most difficult of all.
rescued him from everything, I just laughed as contracted, not sweating like he did years ago and is supposed to me "let go" a little.
I hope that in a month, is more loose and can dance well, while I sing background Celia, "Life is a carnival."


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