Saturday, December 13, 2008

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2.0 Summary of 2008

As usual, for 3 years running, is that I do my annual summary, now that will perform on Saturday 20 twenty-six years (all my life I've wanted to be 30 years old, so I uncomplexed knowing I'm almost there).
January : As usual, Channel 13, begins a new reality chou, called "Shallow Hal", although the types were the ugliest men in Chile and one of the women Carl prettier on TV, without reason, it becomes a phenomenon of hearing. I saw in Chapter 1, to the end, causing Anita's wrath, because the left talking to myself, because it began at 22 to see what happens with appointments. I think she was the only person in Chile, besides my beautiful aunt Amadi and practice teacher who saw nothing except the final. To speak something, because all this week not see talked about nothing but Edmundo Varas and Bastías Carolina.
confirm that the world is a handkerchief, a relationship (not mine), but as I said the Jeny (so love her), is a tissue micro is a ticket! (Micro = bus, to whom I read in Central America).
My friend Oscar, tells me he earned a doctoral scholarship in the United Together (and next to be a new country), and I in shock.
February : I get a job as a waiter for one night for Movistar. We had a great with Anita and little money they paid us with constant and caring!. Apart ate until I got tired.
The next day we went to marriage Andypands who invited me. I'm the only one in the table xyz10 social class (as would the wild dissolved) and the rest abc1. Pretty people pure and joyful.
I do a photoblog (which I do not remember or password).
I went to wrestling and I saw the Undertaker. Just the shit.
I meet an old love and apparently was so cute I wrote that my blog has a "peak " of postings. It's nice to know that the hugs you give are special for another and vice versa.
March: We had the bright idea of \u200b\u200bgoing to the lace and see that there feast of Madonna. 6 hours listening to the horse that so initerrumpida, caused a feeling of hatred towards the DJ and all his fans and especially the woman. 6 hours uninterrupted! Is heard no stamina.
April : I am a "special " I have 200 posts and who better than the Chilean Chileans all (erf!) Conchetu .... with pictures and the best expressions of conchetu ..., prompting laughter from my faithful readers. Was downright remarkable! (Half gross, but funny as well).
May: At about 4 am, after a fiestoca, volume " the cute " transantiago, where I offer beer and buds at an inflated price, according to the rest, I do not know how much they cost until that day. It was the best route up to the mic. Needless to say I did not buy buds, because they do not smoke or cigar smoke buds go around, and do not know if they smoked or inhaled. Everything is for diplomatic career. Dr.
My beautiful friend of my dad makes me a medical certificate to get me to the gym in the U.S., where it says I have no "morbid history of importance" , which leads to a challenge via letter, because what started had nothing to do with what I thought it was. Thanks Jacqui!.
When I fulfill my role as a receptionist, floor 16, with the brilliant idea of \u200b\u200bdoing a drill and do not notify us. The mega scary!.
by 1 ° I once Garth Brooks concert. Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I was happy, she almost screamed that she loved him, but I was not inhibited, because a friend of the gallery yells so loudly : TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONCHETUMAAARE!! ( see that it is a Chilean) and I plop and all attendees laughing. Wn is that screwed up. Simply spectacular.
the other day, for 1 st time I take a plane, I'm going to Iquique with my dad for a couple of days, while in Santiago had cold spell, I in the north bathing in the pool or walking in shorts and shirt, taking picture of everything, but everything!. In short Iquique is the shit!.
June : How to make the tax filing, without movement. Studying every day except for exam.
July : Idem.
August: August 11, my nephew was born. Meta Luciano Salazar. Which I can not know, because I was studying.
on 12 while I see and I find out who was born with serious heart problems and you need to operate urgently. Blood donors are needed urgently.
On August 26, I give my exam grade, which I fail, not to remember what was the right of transmission. 10 months of study, for 5 minutes and a single question. Suspending my trip, my vacation and planned everything goes to hell himself. Appear true friends and those who are supposed to be conspicuous by their absence. My friend Oscar, gives me words of encouragement just remarkable.
September : Experiencing write the month of August, because at that time I wanted to die because of failure of the exam.
I have the " brilliant" idea, to write letters and mail. 3 people are encouraged, Jeny my soul mate, my good and dear weighted Errante and Neto. Control the respective orders.
I will watch the movie "The Good Life." In one word: AMAZING.
October : I have the brilliant idea of \u200b\u200bentering a fun dance class at the gym. Gone is Pilates and hydro. I find that I'm actually Robocar the dance, but transpired as contracted, which according to me, it helps to pimp for the summer. Apart from the teacher I laugh from beginning to end.
With the Net, we talked on msn and I are friends. It's more me change Cartagena de Indias by Mexico, as a gift when you pass the exam. I ask the
Net Errante and if they are receiving correspondence. And there is nothing new, I became worried.
Savages, are crumbling.
November : Get letter! (And not my account !!!), I have news for Jeny and I am so grateful that I have opened your heart. Jeny eris sun!.
I also get a beautiful postcard from Guadalajara, my friend Errante, a few days later. I'm so happy, getting answers.
I continue to study in the library of Providence. Is running out for a little social life.
Sunday 16, Serrano I see again and discover that "love him ." The wn is absolutely the best troubadour. I'm surprised
seeing a black breasts spectacular in the gym. I had to get the wn, no more.
December: Today I will go to the Francisca Valenzuela to SCD Plaza Vespucio and again I hear that is the WWF to Chile. Simply Red So not count on my presence for the fifty (50) (good and if not, understand the idea, right?) Version of the festival of Viña del Mar. While I am prepared to receive a ticket as a gift.
As you will see the year was terrible wrong, except correspondence and Serrano. And the boy Guaton Lucianito is super good. You would not think that never opened her heart, took him out, he opened his heart and make amends for his re-locate it in place. It's so true, faith can move mountains. I am content in January to move a hill and pass the exam and I can go on vacation to Mexico. So if you can light candles, incense or whatever they say his heart and faith.

Hugs for everyone, but for the time being at a distance.
They want and are respected.


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