Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Does Brown Ewcm Mean

Civil Procedure. Inconsistency. Judgement relegated fixing the amount of damages to the stage of execution of sentence. Criminal

Supreme Court Judgement of March 4, 2011.

FOURTH .- Inconsistency.
A) In cases before the LEC 1881, this Court came stating, in relation to the judgments subject to liquidation, the matching principle did not prevent the judicial response was given to flexibility (STS March 18, 2004), so that when it deems it impossible to fixing the quantum [amount] or even the basis of settlement, Article 360 \u200b\u200bLEC 1881 allowed to dictate the sentence subject to fixing the amount and make it effective running sentencing.
B) This situation changed dramatically with the entry into force of the LEC has set limits condemns sentencing of settlement reserve. This follows from Articles 209.4. First, last paragraph, LEC and LEC 219.
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