Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ipod Touch Motherboard Failure

- Contracts. Housing sales contract plan. Default default attributes. Obligation of the developer to deliver housing offered in accordance with the building specifications and advertising that are integrated into the contents of the contract. Criminal

Supreme Court Judgement of March 8, 2011.

SECOND. Reason first. Misapplication of Article 1101 CC. Insists on non-attendance of non-compliance the contract because to do so would have required that the subject had been sold than the agreed or had imperfections which would have produced the complete dissatisfaction of the buyer. Vices have been simply crippling, although the Arts. CC 1480 and 1486 are not applicable, because the demand is not addressed to reparations for hidden defects, but defective derivatives contract compliance.
This plea was rejected.
Art. LOE 9 defines a promoter as any person who "[i] ndividual or collectively, decide, drives, programs and funds, own or other resources, the building work for themselves or for further sale, supply or transfer to third parties under any title. " The jurisprudence of this Court has been attributed to the sponsor's obligation to respond in damages caused by debris from the work, according to art. CC 1591 (from the STS of January 25, 1982, many others). This responsibility concrete Management Act of Building, 5 November 1999 (LOE), whose art. 9, defining the shape of the promoter has already been transcribed.
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