Thursday, June 10, 2010

Repair Leather Couch Seam


Thursday June 3, 2010. Anniversary of the club GILnasia y Esgrima LP.
As always with important dates (I doubt this it is but bueh, let's pretend it does), the Hippodrome de La Plata organized a race in honor of that institution. The race was called ANNIVERSARY AWARD Club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (). Equestrian
The meeting consisted of 14 races.
What was the number of student's chosen to honor GILnasia??
Siiiiiiiii, you're thinking the same !!!!!!!!!!
The race number 7!

But the sad misfortune to the institution did not end with the fateful number 7 .... It
intense that after 1700 meters, the horse was loosely called Trambique first. Wore the number 8, led by Ricardinho carioca.

Now, what were the colors of your jacket ???????? What the hell they are, if they thought the colors were red and white were right!

Now that those colors were distributed like T-largest city would be too, right??
NOOOO, jajajajajajaja! (See photo attached)

Epilogue: HELP
Leader present at the track, handing the cup to the winner, wearing jacket albirroja, who proceeds to raise it and celebrate having come out first!.
The attached photo for the exact time of arrival at the goal. There is clearly the situation reported.

When you doubt this story, can corroborate the sports supplement of the newspaper on Friday dated June 5, 2010, Turf section, page 6.


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