Friday, March 19, 2010

Sample Letter Disconnection

holidays that were not ...

As he had planned for months, today should be in Puerto Vallarta, and in the latter part of my journey, to return to Santiago after tomorrow, for sure thinner, tan, happy and have many memories (including my entry Coldplay concert that would be more valuable than would be within my meager assets).
Among all the enthusiasm of the trip, were you going to meet my friends bloggers (and correspondence), and was not going to be a witness audiovisual, as the elected president, took power and our beloved President, we went from Palacio de la Moneda.
But as one proposes and God disposes, February 27, came fifth largest earthquake in history intensity the world's knowledge, (we have "luck" , to have the number 1) which caused my journey of my well deserved holiday and my award qualification is outside the garbage bin.
Being without power for nearly 10 days, and with a fear of a potential sacking, made from any expectation of it go to the top of the hill, then I go would be for me to abandon ship, although this boat never had even the slightest risk of sinking. The issue is not going to see that nothing is happening structurally, but it goes in the mind. As I'm a very EMPATHY, leaving my parents and family alone, at least for me it was not appropriate.

Ismenia Granny still grave and hospitalized, was another reason that made me ponder the topic, although discussions with my family was that he had to leave.
However, on Monday 16, the grandmother left. The accompanied on his wake and gave her farewell. Today I am calm, to be where it should be. The main thing was to be with her and mine.

And Mexico?. Wait. Hopefully third time lucky.


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