Saturday, February 6, 2010

How To Cure Lip Warts

Given the overwhelming reality comparison between Estudiantes de La Plata Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata Tripero created a collective identity based on lies to strengthen national imagination and staff on that institution. In this regard, from the tribune of the "Wolf" began to gestate the idea that generates more passion GYM STUDENTS, or said otherwise the Tripero were more passionate than the prick ...
But that unique historical circumstances can be presented to prove such a thing? Example 2 followed by both institutions classic play without visitors, and further, that in this case GYMNASTICS play for the first time in 5 years again in the Forest against its eternal rival, no doubt there was no similar moment in the history books ... Estudiantes de La Plata
juice with your audience in the city of La Plata Stadium with box office sold out 42,000 spectators. Gimnasia y Esgrima
presented his Estadio Juan Carlos Zerillo with a large audience and 2 girls galleries least be under reconstruction, then ud. think the rest of the stadium overflowed with people, because even in Federal Capital is setting up the lie that "GinĂ¡sio" is "THE PASSION", "THE CARNIVAL", "YOU HAVE MORE LEADS AND number of fans" ... anyway ... but few still continue to believe, for them, and all Tripero Tristes still invent alternate realities and lie to the new generations: here's the reality: Return Tickets, 18,000 spectators ...
Sure, some will say (of course, always respond), "was the day of the week!" how the old woman that she called the most listened to radio soccer, our response is: "When students took 12,000 people in Uruguay Copa Libertadores by day of week was also "hot
are we having lost a classic? clear brother, always, perhaps not so much because October 1 is not bad. But this is something else, something which does not want to hear talk and talk and talk more ... because they are ashamed to say that our classic neighborhood and because we are tired of lies.
THE BIG in every sense was, is and WILL: THE STUDENTS OF THE SILVER CLUB.


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