Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Waiting ...

's no talk of death, it's easy. And I'm thinking about it daily. Whenever I think about my death, someone dies.
The truth is that I'm already 2 weeks ago, expecting it to arrive, my grandmother take her hand and take you to meet my grandfather and Ire.
Without doubt, for anyone who reads this will say I am wrong and do as I wish for death to another, but as my thoughts are very liberal on this issue, is that they do that is for when people start and to suffer and really wants and everyone knows he will die, lengthen the suffering is meaningless. And not only the suffering of those who should leave, but all those around the loved one. Today
out a conversation that left me with concern and sorrow. Well I always thought and believed that Grandma was going to die in sleep, without pain and happy. Today, tube and hose meantime, Grandma asked to go home. And because it's impossible to take, is taking the option of taking her to a geriatric hospital, where my aunt said "I'm so sorry my mom, nobody imagined this, and worst of all, is that what we imagined all other different situation. Surely the mother dies of grief. " That broke my heart. The grandmother was never mean to any of us grandchildren, or their daughters, or their neighbors or their kin, or anyone else.
die of grief, is worse than dying in the collective image of the people.
And the grandmother Ismenia, does not deserve to die like that. Not worth it.


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