Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sony Squeaky Noise Vaio

6 months!

missing exactly 10 days, in order to finish my credential candidate for Judicial Assistance Corporation, Labor focus.

can say that in these 6 months, I spent it all. Joys, sorrows, challenges, wanting to send everything to hell, angry, laughing is a mixture of feelings, almost the same as when you go out at 4 ° East, and do not want to leave the school. Just like that, I am.

Although, my social life was quite restricted ... my life friends do not see them long ago. So with my fellow candidates, alias "Corporitos" we start to take on several beers to the lantern and eat potatoes Mongo (French fries with Mongolian beef), Cuban Mojitos Cuban mojito in the Bellavista (where to date to celebrate my birthday are sauces) or well-considered take on michelada Bar de Don Rodrigo (bar that I knew and loved them all so nice and reasonable in their prices).
learned enough. I went to subpoenas, I came to agreements, made the officers of the court I fact, alleged in court, I appealed judgments. I challenged a judge, I fought with 3 suppliers, I spent a reconciliation and lost 2 trials.
My practice helped me to "reinforce" further my tendency towards izquerda and "discover" that the Constitution guarantees equality wrong way to justice.
Where I worked (and free) , is in a flat 7. Where
for more than 40 people there is only one bathroom, no air conditioning (although one turns it on and off, but cold air comes out), there is only one printer and two computers of the year (the year zero ), infected and carrier of each and every one of the viruses on the network and makes pendrives and die our own computers. However, it is by far the best place I have worked. There "cordiality" to greet and say goodbye, to celebrate the birthdays of all and to welcome the newcomers and say goodbye to those who complete the cycle. We do monthly awards, where two months in a row I won the Mr. Congeniality (although rumor has it fixed the vote count, because apart from organizing the CORPORATE , I am the veil because they are win prizes by the majority and not the old)
The laughs are there every day and always willing to help each other.
Today to 10 days to go, just know I will not leave ... Where will I find another place?.
* My desk and my cases after 2 months of work in the kitchen ...


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