Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nba Players With Herpes

Today I am 27 years old.
And it is the annual summary!.
I missed the New Year's party, with Tommy King, because I chose to study for my exam grade on 1 January.

In January, I screwed up the heat, studying in the library of Providence from Sunday to Sunday.

In February, I was 3 days at the beach, but I did not even sand, because it was very cold and was full of people. The rest of the month I spent in the library of Providence.

March ... continue with the same routine, every Sunday, but I meet a schoolmate, that was the same as me, so we interrogabamos once a week in the field. To save lucas, interrogabamos us while we were going walking.

April. April 1, 2009, I grade my exam a second time and I approve!, Was almost a birth of quintuplets, but I spent like, applause, tears of my parents and the wrath of a teacher despite all I could not fail attempts.
Earlier this month, I bought the ticket to Mexico to go on vacation after 2 years locked in Santiago. All set and ready to go.

May swine is declared in Mexico and almost crying with my parents, is to suspend the trip for March 2010. In the agency does not want me to change the flight, the airline run, who takes the change me. Claim with a newspaper, I won and LAN returns it $ 40. It led me to appear in the national newspaper. Http://
In interted, I know a congressional candidate and ask him to expedite my application to practice.

June: I am called to do the practice in the center Employment. I recognize the place where I will work and go out with depression, to see the inhuman conditions in which a professional works and defends the weak. Apart from the depression, I'm going to scare me, because the Head Chief, gave us a talk titanic that all the law is related and I do not know a damn thing. I met my tutor, and I said ... I complex is the thing.

July: Part of subpoenas and come to an agreement.

August: I fought against a judge and a sponsor.

September: Part the allegations in court and lost.

th October: I won the prize for being the most sympathetic of the Corporation.

November: I turn to win the prize.

December: It's supposed to just practice. I'll be 27 years ....


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