Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Makes Michelle Obama's Oprah Shoes


00:00 Times change, the years pass, but some memories remain, unscathed, on the head. No matter the color of the shirts, but the fact itself, sad, regrettable, reprehensible from all points of view. They spent more than three years after that night in the bar of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata went as usual to the grounds of Estancia Chica to squeeze players then ran Pedro Troglio. The mission of the violence was clear: to threaten the squad which would play a day after the second time pending before the Boca de Ricardo La Volpe, who fought the opening with students, then champion. There promises of "a shot in each leg," a "to you kill you" and other "get the twine and we'll look for your home cagarte dead," referring to the dollars offered from another corner to go down to Boca. There was fear. Panic. Silences. And a shocking defeat of Gymnastics, 4-1, to finally reveal what Olé published on November 9, 2006: "They played to death." "We had to go back because we were winning and all that was fought against Estudiantes Boca ... Well, we had to lose," he admits today, Santiago Silva, front of the Lobo marked by violence and hero, now of the successful campaign Banfield. Three seasons later in the episode, relaxed a different present and relaxed in an interview with Gol Midnight, Uruguayan admits that some, like Marcelo Goux or Troglio himself, sketched but never clearly spelled out: they could not win that game. What makes the view on the situation of Matías Giménez, Tigre wheel harassed by the club bar. He says aware and whitening as black in his career, "is marked, that one does not forget. It was an ugly moment and do not recommend it to anyone." Silva acknowledged have felt unprotected by the leadership of the time (the president was Juan Carlos Muñoz) and believes he was fully armed, "fell all (bar) suddenly. Everything was provided and we did not know anything. "

The controversy lasted for weeks, the court case was-as usual-in the void itself, several players had to go to gymnastics and the president assumed responsibility Muñoz: closing the circle of impunity. The statements of Silva, who scored in the first half of that game, played a month earlier and suspended by the referee tight Muñoz Giménez-left fear behind and pointing, perhaps, to shape their personal revenge. Because now, as the scorer, did not need more than themselves. "It helps the speech that we do with the Prof on heating. We breasts, we hit hard and went to the electric field, attentive, to win, and win.


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