Saturday, September 26, 2009

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is true!, Lawyers know little of love ... Practicing

This week has been rather like garlic:

1 .- On Tuesday, I argued for the first time in my life at the Court of Appeals, in a statement that called for the modified. Although, I went with the congratulations of the President of the room, so it "informed" of cause, however I lost the appeal, even though I think and I have full conviction that the decision does not comply with the law (that awful!, law slowly takes hold of me!).

2 .- That same Tuesday, September 22, I find that my grandmother Ismenia, pulled the contumely and broke her hip. The detail is that the Isme has 94 years, then as it is not easy, assuming the idea that we need to operate and they are going to put a couple of nails. And to know the pains that come over.

3 .- I dropped an agreement with an old scoundrel, who does not want to pay a "client", but it's the case, is that was convincing and it reported the sentence, we lost. Thus, the old, not going to give us not one!.

4 .- Who I like, I said 2 times this week that we will not be able to see. And we were to see us today, a situation that will not enforce. So we're going 3-0.
What leads to me to make comments that may perhaps, perhaps, lack of legitimacy by the fact be "hot" understood by such sentimietos compiled the following: Anger + anger + frustration + impotence.
What emputece me because it's easier to say, "Nico, this week I can not" . And presto the problem is over. I would have avoided the time to watch, that we do, go looking for a nice bar to take something and see how to do the return.
confirm that I am a type more nearly perfect and yet I none!, If humans shit from these things do not happen to me.


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