Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whitehall Tyee Rowboat For Sale

- P. Special. Crime on the Treasury. Civil

Supreme Court Judgement of March 17, 2011.

FIRST .- (...) The events consist of qualified and, in short, that the defendant "consciously failed to return for the tax on profits in fiscal 1994 having failed to enter for that concept 64,521,363 pesetas (387,781 euros). "
" also ordered to be submitted on time but in a deliberately incorrect statements relating to value added tax the years 1994 and 1995 respectively, having left to join the detriment of public finances respectively 36,898,487 pesetas (221,764.37 euros) and 49,440,888 .- pesetas (297,145.72 euros).
"also in respect of corporation tax for the year 1994, and the added value tax for the years 1994, provided for the establishment for their contribution to the Finance Bill 01/14/1998 created at his request and collected supposedly nonexistent services provided by Housing Promoted entities, SL, palm Building and Structures, SL:, zaers, SL, Area 92 SL, SL Tecma Technical, Construction and Maintenance Zamora Brothers SL and SL, in order to reduce the amount due in taxes mentioned. These bills are: (...)
SECOND .- The defendants appealed the aforementioned decision on appeal but only with respect to crimes against the Treasury , "and no statement regarding the conviction for the crime of falsehood. "
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