Friday, November 26, 2010

Biografia Hannie Dropkick

Literary Criticism

2 weeks ago I read "The barrier of shame" by Pablo Simonetti.

clarify that I never liked this guy writes and I can not understand how it sells and sells books like hotcakes. The book is as well "lewd" in the sense of having the sexual secrets of a marriage where the woman demands sexual satisfaction, a husband who still can not know the reason for his impotence and premature ejaculation ... leading to seek satisfaction outside of marriage ... Me as a Latino man, but with a European mentality, I read it because I definitely like gossip, copuchar and what happens ... especially in these areas where the copuchar is more "tasty." Who has not told her best friend, sexual frustration, an exciting night, which were caught in the act, you did not get the orgasms or not it could.

Simonetti, a language varied, diverse and broad gives these copuchar, perhaps if they were in a more colloquial language, would be on the verge of sales success (if it already is not).

Well like it or not, sex sells and the more so when there is sexual dissatisfaction ... and juggling to do, to feel satisfied or satisfied.


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