Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Today is a gray day, it's freezing and it makes me nostalgic place. Where one begins to remember the good times happened.
At the end of everything, yeah I went to Mexico and all thanks to fate, as my friend Piper.

met a sea of \u200b\u200bpeople, many cities, is certainly a wonderful country M to O. My virtual friends, who later became the paper and now flesh and blood have been some really wonderful things they taught me part of his country and made me feel a Mexican at the extremes d and want to stay in Aztec lands and try your luck for those latitudes. However, as I am a kind word (or even well-moron), I returned on the due date, which meant that 80% of what it was, my "beautiful person" stay there and 20% want to accompany me return of one or some way to Mexico City.

On the positive side is that 20% just returned, and had a job and he did that instead of resting a couple of days later in the day had to be at 8.30 on my new chamba, which lasted 2 months and 9 days, because thanks to a contact friend told me to send my CV and wait for the so-called millionaire, who arrived several days later for a job interview that led to now go from prosecutor to "lawyers process" in a totally new area, penalty area. Cuek!.
As you know I'm a virgin in this area is they are giving me the time to learn and from below (which I believe with full conviction that it is right), so I'm happy where I send the prosecutors and the way I learn. I'm happy. But as I need more than 50% of my essence, even dying to return.

What I have clear is that again, maybe later, but again ...


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