Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shoulder Infection Pain

On Monday I challenged a judge for "irrelevant" and on Tuesday I fought with a "client " to the output of subpoena.
The Undertakers too loose, I say that because I got no time (8.30 am), which meant that I I had to get up at 6.30 (in my humble opinion violates my fundamental right to sleep until 7am) to reach 8 to court and speak with this gentleman. Which as expected was not there.
short story, is that this gentleman was not at the time and I at 8.30 with a terrible panic (because it was my 1 st hearing of truth), I entered the room and ask to be delayed a couple of minutes the court that the girl told me: NO. (As he had done the lobby before and to help me.)
mega I was worried, but fingers crossed as to not come and (I could go home), call and get the old east and sets to speak a sartalada silliness and stupidity of many. After not less, write your check. Past alcohol (and I lost my mind ....) It more had to open the window for its particular aroma.
After talking more crap countless more, I resigned and tried to do what they could. That way, the court told me everything: Not applicable.
Not satisfied with everything, and after one hour forty-five minutes. I tell the gentleman, well complicated case and this old retuta-tuta, tell me: of course, as not going to be difficult, if not arrive on time and on top he starts talking with the partner (and is in the part where I run out patience) and tell the gentleman: Look, I came from good will, and if you do not declare what it demands is not my problem. Sure, but if you do not put what I say and blah blah blah and I ... I have one and a half and I played this old wn!.
So I took my bag and went for a coffee. I went with the other party's lawyer to talk of life. And to laugh at life and I had disastrous subpoena.
The consolation is that you learn spoil!.


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