Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brandon Manilow Multiply

Julia's life was never easy. I knew since childhood, when he had to walk barefoot collected what was the nature to survive and help their parents.
The situation of living in the country, has never been easy, especially when one lives in isolation, without access to justice, where are the parents who make decisions for children and make them what they want , believing that they who watch and are making the best decision for their children a better life.
is why at age 16, without any questions asked, was forced to marry a man 30 years her senior. She could not read or esscribir, went, thinking it was the best thing that could happen.
While married, their daily life was to keep her husband, because he was an alcoholic for excellence, so that apart from getting up at dawn to work on whatever it is, constantly suffering from both physical and psychological violence her husband, as her mother, who thought that she was incompetent.
is logical to think that Julia was pregnant. 3 times.
His reason for living was her children, (because his father never did anything for them 4). It is for this reason that looking for a better future, decided to seek a better pass in the capital. However, never ceased to worry about them and always tried to maintain contact with them despite the distance. His mother, a woman perhaps more bad that his son attended justice and "took" custody of the children to their mother even though she was the one who always was revealed by them.
Years passed and even though she lived far away, but yet their children, who had his hatred for her mother, handed it to her grandchildren.
The younger one, with more than 20 years, traveled to the capital to find his mother.
Once the localized, rather than embrace it and give affection. He took her to a dark place and raped her again and again, in revenge for his abandonment.
Today it is between a rock and a hard place.
What it does, report your child and what will go to jail?, Is stored in silence the atrocity that lived?, Talks to his family, risking he takes the law into their hands?.
difficult it is to have studied law, and worse still defend play you a beast like this.
But without doubt, is much more difficult being a mom.
This is a true story. My imagination has no such occurrences.


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