Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Boobs Of Boolwood


Well, as I returned to my normal life is that I noticed and informed me of a slightly more specific, the collusion of the pharmacies, the girl's death transantiago and the birth of a baby in the subway station.
The issue is that I've finally come to read me every day for internet and when I saw that 3 of four spoke of Susan Boyle, I went to youtube.
Mrs. this is rather ugly and participates in a singing contest in England.
Short story is that the old, sorry Susan, started talking and I do not know why when people speak it well dejadita the hand of God, one tends to look the other way and think that everything says and does is to make the ridiculous. And to a certain party so I thought when I saw your "after" acting as I was indignant that so a little, and I started thinking about why the TV people always looking for more "weak" to make it a laughing stock of the rest.
But then I started singing, it was all very different.
really not all that cute, comes in nice bottles.
This was demonstrated in London.


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