Saturday, September 27, 2008

Federico Bianchi Psychoterapist

As my back is my custom, I left the library to review, for a question to see my weaknesses and fix them again before giving the exam.
But he had a huge taaaaaaaaaaaan laziness, I went down and borrowed the newspaper and I read, rated field I got the card.

I started my review and was pleasantly surprised to see who was still in theaters, the film of Andrew Wood.
So I took my humanity and went to Hoyts de la Reina, to see her.
As expected, the room was almost to me alone, he had a pair of bloomers.
The movie itself is of such simplicity, I do not know for what reason I was so moved because is that I do not know that only a certain type of director can be transmitted through the big screen.
All the stories are related in one way or another with the other. But not directly, but through the friend of a friend, as is real life.
While the stories are at the heart of Santiago, stories of prostitutes, teenage pregnancy, choir of the police, banks, hairdressers and agents, give rise to a story that may perhaps as happened to me, take you to tears ...


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